Projects that the group are working on (more like a list of Lyle's projects that he wishes others would help work on).
  • Image::Mate - Single interface to GD, ImageMagick and Imager.
  • Perl 6 - Still in the concept stage. Basic idea is a module to ship with Perl 6 core that dumbs down the Perl 6 syntax into some easy to use functions, thus lowering the bar entry to Perl 6 and making it an attractive option to new programmers so that it's 'Easy' to start with and then they can switch to the proper syntax later when their skills have progressed. The idea came after reading many of the issues and concerns raised by a couple of Perl Monks posts Why Change? and What can bring the excitement back to Perl?
  • Portable module collection - A collection of highly portable Perl modules that help programmers to make their applications portable across a variety of operating system.

Project updates and suggestions welcome.

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