Lyle Hopkins - Currently putting in a stupid number of hours to his new High Availability, High Load Perl software. When he's not programming he's usually training at his bristol kickboxing club.

Nigel Hamilton - Bath-based Perl Monger who sticks search engines ( and together with the help of Perl and a Memex-inspired system called TheGoo ( On the first Tuesday of the month he can be found in London raising the flag at a pub crawl for techies (

Peter Haworth - Bristol based Perl and Java programmer working at IOP Publishing Ltd. In what little free time remains he'll either be playing unicycle hockey for Severn Wheelers, or making ice cream with challenging flavours.

Amias Channer - A freelance Perl programmer , music streamer and serial conspirator who enjoys taking geekery away from the desk and out into the middle of things. Currently managing the internets at hamilton house , streaming things to , developing search tools for and project managing the development of the musicians timebank software.

Aaron Trevena - LAMP system integration development and hosting.

Rob Edwards

Gavin Ford - An agoraphobic, living in Bristol, Not a professional programmer, more an unskilled, enthusiastic amateur code fiddler.

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