About Us

We are a Perl orientated IT group. We hold meets from time to time which generally involve talk on programming concepts, ideas, new technologies, pretty much anything and of course Perl. In 2009 we held our first group award ceremony, winners were given hand engraved glass awards. With plans to give out annual B&BPM awards to those that support Perl and progression in Perl modules. Anyone is welcome to join our active mailing list and participate in the group - you don't have to be from the Bristol/Bath area, or even the UK! All are welcome in this, "The friendliest Perl Group".


Bath.pm was originally set up by David Hodgkinson way back in February 1999. Under Dave's leadership the list grew active with regular meets being held. Unfortunately Dave moved away from the area in 2004 and since the list had been left pretty dormant with only 2 posts (from Dave) in the whole of 2006.

In late 2007 Lyle Hopkins joined the list to find it pretty lifeless. After making several posts Dave offered to hand the list down to Lyle and take his place as 'Perl Monger Group Leader Emeritus'. Lyle gladly accepted and began work on ideas for breathing life back into the old list.

After discovering there was once also a Bristol.pm effort was made to get a copy of the old list with the idea to create a joint Bristol and Bath perl mongers list. Unfortunately, several emails and phone calls later ,the list appears lost forever.

http://BristolBath.org (this site) was registered and work began. Now finally the site is launched and meets can start again ;)

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