Finishing off the spring cleaning

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Before I start off on some new Perl posts, I thought I'd write about some of the useful things I came across when doing a spring clean of my disks. I decided it was about time to clean out all my old disks, backups, folders, etc, into a nice ordered filing system. I ended up with 2 root folders, one for work and another for personal stuff. At the same time I upgraded my PCs and laptop to be quad core and use Windows 7.

Firstly a warning, there are some very well made counterfeit copies of Windows 7, hollograms and all. Unless you have a genuine copy of compare them side by side, it's easy to buy a fake. Unfortunately I did :( Here is my post to Microsoft about it.

Some of my personal files I wanted to keep private, I searched for open source options and ended up using AESCrypt. There was another interesting one that created an encrypted drive, but for now I'm happy to put files in a zip and encrypt that file.
I also cleared out and organised my old bookmarks, a great little extension to help with this is CheckPlaces by Andy Halford. It quickly checks your bookmarks for errors, 404's, etc.

I develop on Windows/IIS then test on Linux/Apache. I've always found doing it this way round leads to less problems. I was able to export/import my IIS sites with simple commands.
Although this left me to re-create the application pools. Oddly it included all the handler mappings, but did not populate the ISAPI and CGI Restrictions accordingly.

IIS 7 on Windows 7 doesn't include an SMTP server, I settled on hMailServer I'd used it before and had no problems.

Another issue I've had is that my web designer always saves his locally and not to the server (despite repeated instructions to do so, yes Phil, I'm talking about you! :P ). When he does save things to the server they often get out of sync with the local copies he works on. This leads to issues as you can probably imagine.

The solution I chose is SyncToy. Now he can save locally, and the files will automatically sync with the server at the end of the day (that is if he manages to save them in the right place, lol). This also acts as a useful backup.

I've switched to AceFTP freeware so we can easily use synctoy to share the .ftp files with FTP details for all the sites we work on


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