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Finishing off the spring cleaning

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Before I start off on some new Perl posts, I thought I'd write about some of the useful things I came across when doing a spring clean of my disks. I decided it was about time to clean out all my old disks, backups, folders, etc, into a nice ordered filing system. I ended up with 2 root folders, one for work and another for personal stuff. At the same time I upgraded my PCs and laptop to be quad core and use Windows 7.

Firstly a warning, there are some very well made counterfeit copies of Windows 7, hollograms and all. Unless you have a genuine copy of compare them side by side, it's easy to buy a fake. Unfortunately I did :( Here is my post to Microsoft about it.

Some of my personal files I wanted to keep private, I searched for open source options and ended up using AESCrypt. There was another interesting one that created an encrypted drive, but for now I'm happy to put files in a zip and encrypt that file.

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