Useful firefox search hack

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Useful Firefox search hack

I read of a really useful Firefox hack the other day which I've been
using an awful lot since. It's saved me a lot of time, but I can't for
the life of me remember where I read about it... I'm sure it was a book
review or something?  :-\

Anyway, in Firefox do:-
Bookmarks->Organise Bookmarks
Then click on 'Bookmarks Menu', right click on the right pane and select
'New Bookmark'.

Call it 'CPAN search', put the location as
'' and most importantly
set the keyword to 'cpan' (This is why we're adding through Organise
Bookmarks rather than just add bookmark).

Now you can easily search cpan. Just type 'cpan MODULE' in the address bar.

You can of course use this same hack for any number of sites that have
the search term in the query string.


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