Taking a look at Kwiki

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Taking a look at Kwiki

A few months ago I was looking at Perl Wikis. I had a terrible experience trying to get SocialText installed on CentOS and ended up using TWiki for 3 sites.

I was impressed by TWiki, but there are a few things that nag me about it. I don't like having to setup redirects from a would be index.html to /twiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome. My designer has been moaning at me that getting the designs he wants into it is hard. For smaller Wiki's, it does seem a bit like overkill. So what about the other end of the Perl Wiki scale?

I've recently been looking at redesigning a site that uses Kwiki. So let's take a closer look.

Kwiki - "A Quickie Wiki that's not too Tricky"

Well at the moment the Kwiki site seems to be down most the time. Not quite sure what's happening there.
Luckily you can get it on cpan:-
(Make sure you get the old CGI::Kwiki from cpan, and not the new Kwiki distro. You should only download Kwiki from the Kwiki.org site)

I had a quick look on ppm and CGI::Kwiki wasn't there. Having a quick look at CPAN testers I got the feeling it was a problem with the tests rather than Kwiki itself. Which leads me onto my next 2 posts...


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