Writing a CPAN Bundle

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Writing a CPAN Bundle

I decided to take an hour out from my big project today to make my first CPAN Bundle for the PerlCertifiedHosting Project. Last year I posted to B&BPM asking how this was done as when I looked at bundles on CPAN I couldn't see anything special. David Cantrell was good enough to respond, pointing me to:-
Which explains it. I was looking for some special code or something, when after all it's just a list of modules in the contents section.

First draft:-
package Bundle::CertHost;

$VERSION = "0.01";



=head1 NAME

Bundle::CertHost - A bundle to install PerlCertifiedHosting.com module requirements


 perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::CertHost'

 ppm install Bundle-CertHost


Bundle::DBI - Start DB section


... to many to list in the blog post


This bundle provides the CPAN module requirements for PerlCertifiedHosting.com.

=head1 AUTHOR

Lyle Hopkins E<lt>webmaster@cosmicperl.com>


The list is already very long. While wondering how to make this bundle easier to maintain I came across Bundle::Math, which is a Bundle that only lists other Bundles in it's namespace. This seems an excellent way of breaking up the modules into groups. Although I'll save this for next time.

Next steps will be making a TASK:: version and splitting up Bundle::PerlCert into groups. Also I'll need to make a script (or collection of scripts) to automate this process.


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