The progressive thing to do would be to simlpy have the fetus' sucked out of their wombs rather than face the ridicule of the hypocrites from the Left.Funny, but I thought the progressive thing to do would be to have the choice as to whether she should have an abortion, carry the fetus to term and keep the baby, or carry the fetus to term and give the baby up for adoption. You know, choice.The Palin women are honest and straight. They face their mistakes with commitment strength and honesty.Honesty. Like being against the bridge to nowhere before she was against it, right?Sarah Palin is like sunlight of vampires. You guys just can't handle this kind of reality. Too old fashioned for you.Reality is that abstinence only sex ed doesn't work. Perhaps Mrs. Palin will eventually come to accept THAT kind of reality.Lay off the kids!So the neo-Cons will lay off Obama's family, then?

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